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10 Things You’ll Want on Moving Day

Everything is in boxes. And all of your boxes are sitting in the living room of your new home. So… now what? Do you know where all of the essential items are? And do you know how to get them?

Don’t let moving day catch you unprepared and feeling frantic.

The first night and morning in your new home don’t have to be a complete disaster. As you’re packing your house, you should reserve a few boxes as “24-hour boxes”. In these boxes, you should store all of the essential items you and your family will need for the first night and morning of living in your new home. But what types of items are we talking about? Today, we want to share with you 10 items that you’ll absolutely want within 24 hours of your move. Take some time to browse through this list. We know it will help you transition into your home much easier.

10 Things You’ll Want on Moving Day

    10. Cleaning Supplies
    9. Tooth brush + paste
    8. Coffee pot, coffee cups + coffee
    7. Bath towels + hygeine products
    6. Extra Blankets + sheets
    5. Vacuum cleaner + Broom
    4. First aid kit
    3. Breakfast food
    2. Phone charger
    1. Tools

Are you in the process of moving? Don’t let your move turn into a scavenger hunt. Pull aside all of your most important items ahead of time. You’ll be surprised at how much easier your transition will be!

If you’re in the process of moving into your new home and need more suggestions on moving day, make sure that you check out these other super helpful blog posts. We want to make your moving experience as simple as it can be.

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