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10 Ways to Make a Smooth Move with Kids

Don’t think that mamas and daddies should be the only people involved in the moving process. In fact, involving your kids in the moving process is a healthy way to transition them into your new house. But, you want to make sure that involving your kids doesn’t add more stress. Today, we’re going to share some ideas about how you can involve your children in your move without putting more onto your own plate.

10. Ask them what personal things they want to pack first.

Letting your kids choose which items to pack first is actually a bigger help than it may initially seem. By letting your kids pack away their toys at their own speed, they know which toys they can still play with and which ones have been packed away.

9. Create a moving calendar

Put the important dates about your move on the calendar so that your kids know when everything is happening.

8. Talk about it

Make sure that you are talking about the entire moving process with your kids. Go around the dinner table and ask your children what they’re most excited about and what they’re nervous about as well. You’ll be surprised what a good conversation will do to ease their nerves.

7. Let them pack their bedroom.

Giving your kids a sense of control in the move will help ease their anxieties. Let them help pack away all of their clothes, toys, and books.

6. Let them pick out their own packaging tape.

Duct tape makes all sorts of fun packaging tape now… even Minions! So let your kids pick their own tape. Using different tape for different kids will also help you keep your boxes better organized on moving days.

5. Let them label their own boxes.

Whether they’re writing or drawing pictures, it doesn’t matter. Give your kids some markers and let them label their own boxes for moving day.

4. Make a memory book

Create a photo album for your kids with pictures of their neighborhood friends. Remembering these little moments and explaining they will make more special memories in their new neighborhood will help to ease their minds about what’s coming next.

3. Take a walk around Your New Neighborhood

If you child is extra nervous about moving, it might be a good idea to drive to your new neighborhood and talk a walk. Show them all of the new assets of your neighborhood and assure them of all the fun they will have.

2. Make a bucket List

Make a family bucket list of all the fun things you want to do in your house. This will help to give your kids something to look forward to.

1. Let them carry boxes

Small kids can carry small boxes. Sort out the lighter boxes and let your kids carry them to the moving truck. They’ll love being a part of the action!

Have you recently moved with your children? Do you have any tips and tricks to share with us? If so, please leave them in the comments section below.

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