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3 Questions Buyers Will Ask About Your Home

When a buyer first steps into your home, they will automatically begin making mental lists of questions to ask their realtors. This is because your home is important to them. They want your home to be “the one” and therefore their questions become essential in their decision making process.

Understanding what questions home-buyers typically have can help you better prepare for your listing and showing. By pre-empting their questions, you have the opportunity to eliminate concerns and make their decision-making process a whole lot easier.

So, as you prepare to sell you home, consider the 3 biggest questions buyers are asking themselves about your home.

#1: Is this really where I want to live?

People buy homes they feel comfortable in. They want a neighborhood that seems inviting and safe. A major indicator of this location happiness is the yard; because while you can’t control what your neighbors house might look like, you can set the standard on your block. Remember, your front yard is a key indicator of the area’s standards and norms. In other words, your yard invites people in or runs them away.

School districts are a dominating factor for families searching for a new home. People are seeking homes that are in good, accredited school districts. So, if your home is in one of these districts, be sure that you highlight this strength in your listing. People will be more apt to buy a home that isn’t necessarily ideal, as long as it is in the district they want.

#2: Is this enough bang for my buck?

Buying a home is typically the biggest purchase most people make. Therefore, they want to be assured that this is a wise investment. They want to make sure that they are getting exactly what they want out of your home. To ease people’s minds, be certain that your home has the same standards as the other homes in the area. Does it have up to date countertops? Is the kitchen hardware new? Are the bathrooms up to date? All of these simple modifications confirm to people that they are making a quality purchase.

#3: Does this house need to be fixed up?

If you want to sell your home quickly, becoming aware of your buyer will help you prepare for you house. Most people buying homes don’t seek out homes that need lots of fixing up. A home with multiple major home repair repairs tend to turn people away. To help eliminate this problem, go through your house and make small adjustments to put prospective buyers at ease. Get crayon and marker marks off the wall, fix a leaking sink, patch holes in the walls. All of these small things add up in the eyes of your buyers, making your house less of a fixer upper, and more of a turn-key purchase.

We hope that knowing what potential home buyers are asking about your home helps to relieve some of the anxiety that occurs from preparing for a showing. If you have any questions about what potential buyers could be wondering about your home, please feel free to post them in the comments below.

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