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3 Ways To Send Potential Buyers Running

silhouette-114436_6403 Ways To Send Potential Buyers Running

Want to keep buyers away from your listed property? Here are a few sure fire ways to keep potential buyers from making an offer – and often running for the next property on their list.

1) Foundation issues. A cracked or damaged foundation screams “major disrepair” to a buyer with often a very high price tag to fix. It often invites other hidden problems. If the base of a home which is unseen is broken, a buyer can only imagine what damage is done on what can be seen. If there is known foundation issues, get them fixed before listing the property!

2) Damaged Countertops. It could be beautiful quartz or mid century Formica – but if it is damaged buyers will not be willing to overlook other great aspects of a house. Buyers can often see past dated items and see the potential value in upgrading or replacing later. However, damage done to the countertop often points to a deeper issue where the buyer questions the seller’s entire care of a property.

3) Broken Water Heater. Nothing like the promise of cold showers to send buyers fleeing. A major component to a home should always be in good working order. For one, a broken water heater will never pass inspection so therefore will be added to a list a buyer will want addressed anyway. Secondly, it again points to the whole ‘feeling’ that the seller did not really carefully maintain the property.

In the end, you want buyers running to you with an offer in hand, not the other direction. So, fix what is damaged, replace what is broken and address any issues that may come up in an inspection before listing your home. If you are concerned about any of these “3 Ways To Send Potential Buyers Running”, call Spica Real Estate today!

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