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5 Easy Hacks for Moving in the Winter

Moving in the winter isn’t fun. Trust me, I’ve been there before. There’s no doubt about it, it’s definitely challenging to lift and move boxes and furniture on slippery sidewalks. Not to mention the cold! But, winter weather or not, you still have to get the job done. So, consider these easy hacks when moving into your new home this winter.

#1: Salt and sand your walkway before the moving truck arrives.

The morning of your big move, send someone to your new house. Have them salt or sand your driveway, steps and front porch. This will help melt the ice before you even begin your work.

#2: Spread rugs and old blankets in the main walkways and rooms.

Don’t destroy your new floors before you even have a chance to enjoy them. When you’re moving in the winter, your shoes bring with them salt, wet snow and mud that can easily harm your new floors, tracking water through your house. So, before you start moving in boxes, consider the path that will be taken for delivering these boxes in your house. Line the trail with plastic, rugs or old blankets. It will not only save your floors, but ensure a safe delivery, too.

#3: Turn on your furnace early

There are few worse things in life than being cold. The night before or morning of your move, be sure that you turn your furnace on in your new home. Let your house get warm before you even start unpacking boxes. You’ll be happier carrying boxes without frozen fingers, we promise.

#4: Make coffee and tea

Don’t pack your coffee maker away with the rest of your things. Instead, have it readily available so that when you get to your new house, so you can make a nice pot of coffee or warm tea. It will help your worker’s morale to have something warm to sip during their breaks.

#5: Get yourself some yak-tracks

Moving in the snow and ice can be dangerous. Go the extra step and get yourself some yak-tracks. They’ll help you keep your balance and avoid painful falls. No one wants to fall with a box filled with Grandma’s china!

If you’re moving this winter, good luck! You can do it! Get those boxes in as quickly as possible, then let the nesting begin. Let us know if you need any help finding movers in the area. We’ll be glad to send you some recommendations.

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