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5 Tips for Pet Owners in New Homes

There’s nothing more exciting than moving your family into your new home. And for many of us, our families include sweet pups and loving cats. Since we love pets and we can’t live without them, we wanted to share simple ways that you can upkeep your home’s value while living peacefully and lovingly with your pets. For the sake of your new home’s resale value, be cautious in raising your precious pets in your new home. Love them, cuddle them and be sure to use these simple tricks when caring for them in your new home.

5 Tips for Pet Owners in New Homes

Proctect Your Floors with Pet Mats

If you are feeding your pet on hardwood floors, be sure that you place a pet placement under their food and water dish. Overtime hardwood floors can become damaged from resting water. Putting a place mat under your food and water dishes will add an extra layer of protection for your beautiful new floors.

Get a GREAT Vacuum

If your home has carpet, it’s a good idea to invest in a vacuum you can trust. Look for vacuums that have been specially designed for cleaning up pet hair. Also, be sure that your vacuum has the proper extensions for your home… can you easily clean your steps, stairs and floors with it?

Invest in an Air Purifiers

Air purifiers have been designed to clean the air in your home. Take care of lingering pet odors by regularly running an air purifier in your home. You won’t believe what a difference investing in an air purifier will do for your home.

Keep Their Crates Clean

Rooms can often become overcome by the scent of animal crates. It’s a good idea to have a regular cleaning schedule for animal blankets and beds. This will help you keep up with animal odors before they get out of control.

Get the Family Involved

Give your children tasks to do in caring for your pet. Simple things like cleaning under dog dishes, putting bedding in the wash, and scooping poop will lessen your load and keep your house looking new. The more involved your entire family is, the less wear and tear your home will experience.

Do you have pet and home care tricks to share? How do you keep your home looking and smelling new while living with your pets? Let us know in the comments below. We’re interested to see what easy steps we could add to our routines.

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