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Ask the Experts: When is the Best Time to List My House

Choosing to sell your home is one of the biggest decisions you make in your life. So, you want to be sure that you are preceding this action with knowledge. It is important that you know when the best time actually is to put your house on the market. Being strategic about your listing will improve your turnover time and bring less anxiety to this otherwise stressful situation.

So when is the best time to list your home for sale?
If we’re being honest, there is no “ideal” time to sell your home. When you’re ready to sell, you’re ready to sell. Don’t be afraid of listing your home just because of the time of year.

Homes sell every day, even in December. Sure, more homes sell Between April to September more homes are on the market so you have more competition. So if you need to sell in the fall or winter buyers looking at your home will have less to choose from. This can be to the sellers advantage.

But regardless of when you are selling your home, there are always things you can do to increase it’s value and sell-ability.

Selling Your Home in the Spring or Summer?

When you live in the midwest, spring and summer become peek opportunities to begin the search for a new homes. The weather is nice, driving conditions improve and the process of actually moving seems less daunting to prospective buyers.

If you are selling your home in the spring and summer, be certain that you focus on your exterior features as well as your interior assets. As your prepare for open houses, embrace the freshness of the season.

Use this short list to help guide your spring or summer showing:

Spring and Summer Home Showing To Do List

  • Mow your yard and trim growth around your sidewalks
  • Power wash the exterior of your home
  • Clear fallen sticks from your roof
  • Add plants and decor to your front porch for curb appeal
  • Mend your driveway
  • Open your windows and doors to air out your home (let the stagnate winter air out of your home to eliminate any lingering odors that may be holding up in your home.)
  • Bring fresh flowers into your home on viewing days

Selling Your Home in the Fall or Winter?

While weather may be a challenge in arranging open house dates, do not be discouraged when you are selling your home during the winter. The key to selling your home in the winter is to enhance the comfortable feelings of “home”. Let your home feel cozy and inviting when showing it to prospective buyers.

People who look for homes in the winter, tend to have a greater sense of urgency to move. This means they may want to look at your home only once before they actually buy. Therefore, first impressions are incredibly important during the winter.

Use this short list to help guide your showing:

Fall and Winter Home Showing To Do List

  • Clearly shovel and de-ice your sidewalk and driveway
  • Use holiday decor to increase the homey aura of your home
  • Light welcoming scented candles that will not overwhelm your visitors
  • Use lighting to increase the ambiance of your home
  • blankets and cozy elements to decorate
  • Set your heat at a comfortable temperature (you do not want prospective buyer to feel too cold or hot in your home as they tour)
  • Create a Stellar Selling Plan

    Meeting with a realtor before you list your home or have a showing is an important step that you shouldn’t miss. They will be able to guide you with more practical advice and give you lots of tricks for decreasing your selling time.

    For any other questions that you might have about scheduling or preparing for your showing, please contact us today!

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