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Can I Make a Wrong Decision?

Can I Make a Wrong Decision?

Stuck while trying to make a decision? Ask yourself this one question: “Can I make a wrong decision here?” 

Boil down your options to the best case, and worse case scenarios. Often, we find that the worst case scenarios aren’t really that bad. In fact, we might even find that the decision isn’t between a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ choice, but rather a ‘good’ and a ‘better’ choice.

I’m trying to decide if I should buy a car or a truck. Both have their pros and cons. Worst case scenario is that I buy a vehicle that I’m not happy with, and I sell it in 6-12 months. Best case scenario is that I buy a vehicle that I love, and I own for a long time. Even in the worst case scenario, I still have a vehicle, I’m still able to sell it(if I choose to), and I’ve learned a valuable lesson; what type of vehicle I don’t like.

Often, the best lesson is learned from a bad decision.

For those of us who struggle making decisions and the idea of having to make a ‘major life changing decision’ forces us into the fetal position, this one question can be a great help!

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