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Must Visit Coffee Shops in Grand Rapids, MI

It’s no secret that we love Grand Rapids. It seems like there is always something to do! And now that the weather is nice (or “nicer” I should say), we are extra motivated to get out! And there’s nothing more we love than taking the morning to catch up with old friends, family or work associates. It’s so refreshing to sit and a grab a good cup of coffee before starting our day.

Here are some of our favorite coffee spots in the greater Grand Rapids area. Who do you think has the best cup of coffee?

Rowster Coffee

Located on Wealthy Street, we love the vibe of this coffee shop just as much as we love their dark brew. Grab a coffee then spend some extra time walking the nearby shops.

Madcap Coffee

Feel good about the coffee you’re drinking at this coffee shop. With a ZERO waste policy, Madcap has been recognized many times as a quality business with the most excellent brew.

Schuil Coffee

Tucked away on 29th street, this coffee shop lets you try, sit and buy coffee, too.

The Sparrows

Sit and relax with the locals at The Sparrows. Try one of their many teas or specialty coffees and stay awhile.

Common Ground

We love the calm and understated feel of this coffee shop. Try one of their special coffee blends and why not get a pastry, too?

Ferris Nut and Coffee

We love the convenient location of this coffee shop almost as much as we love the coffee. Hop of the highway for a quick morning brew and conversation.

Simpatica Coffee

Meet an old friend at the Downtown Market and pick up a cup of coffee from Simpatico. You’ll appreciate the sunshine that will accompany your dark roast, we promise.

So, what’s your favorite place to share a coffee? Hop over to our Facebook page and let us know what coffee shops we should check out this spring.

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