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Common Mistakes in Selling a Home

Common Mistakes in Selling a Home

Show your bestIt is natural for homeowners to have the highest regard for their properties.  Equity has been put into their home via blood, sweat, tears, laughter, memories, and finances.  When it comes to selling the home that holds so much value, there are many common mistakes that sellers can make that may inhibit the process of selling their home.

This article highlights 8 common mistakes, with a few of the points highlighted below.

1.  Don’t Ask for Too Much Money.  Priced right, homes will often sell quickly.  We are seeing this play out first hand in the West Michigan area with a market flooded by potential buyers and not enough inventory to go around, homes that are priced according to fair market value conditions do not sit on the market long.  A licensed realtor can provide an honest, objective, and informed estimate for what your home is worth and if a homeowner is truly motivated to sell, they would be wise to heed that advice.

4.  Don’t Neglect Things that are Broken.  While its easy to ignore a loose knob, blown out light bulb, or noisy hinge as a homeowner, these small annoyances scream projects and problems to potential buyers.  Before putting your house on the market, take a weekend and wrap up unfinished projects and tackle those easy to fix items to help your home be at its best selling potential.

6.  Don’t Leave Your Stuff Everywhere.  It is amazing how much more open, inviting, and large a room can feel if it is uncluttered.  This especially holds true to kitchen countertops.  Put everything away during showings so potential buyers can see the house at its finest.  Putting away family pictures and novelties also help sell a home faster as buyers can more easily ‘move themselves in’ when they aren’t staring at a picture of your Great Aunt Gertrude.

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