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Compounding Interest- Relationship Style

Compounding Interest- Relationship Style

Compounding interest in relationshipsThe mathematical law of compounding interest teaches us that putting a seemingly insignificant or small amount into savings adds up to significant or large number over time.  The principal amount grows each month and year as the interest is accrued.

Being in both a field of business and a career dependent on relationships and referrals, I find the idea of compounding interest compelling in the way I build connections with my clients.  As a husband, father, and mentor I find this idea also applies.  The idea of investing small amounts over time to reap into a significant end goal has potential to change the way I approach my various relationships.

On the business end, as a realtor, an end goal beyond the real estate transaction is that I will have invoked a positive experience for my client, and in turn they would recommend me to their sphere of influence and also return to use my services in the future.  No matter the client, I should strive to make each phone call, email, showing, meeting, or closing the best that I can make it.  Each small or seemingly insignificant nod of encouragement to a seller or excitement about the 50th potential house for a buyer can compound over time to build that desired long term relationship.

I have three daughters.  Each of them with their own personality and love language.  While they are young now, I have a desire that they will grow into God-fearing, independent, hard working, and loving women some day.  This does not happen with a formal meeting over coffee the day they turn 18 and leave the nest.  It is built day after day, through daddy dates, trips to the ice cream store, scraped knees, lemonade stands, and years of hugs and words of encouragement.  Compounding interest.  Each smile a deposit towards the larger goal.


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