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Daylight Savings

This weekend we “spring forward” as daylight savings starts.  There are challenges to losing an hour of sleep, we can all recognize that, however, if appropriately planned for, you may lessen the effects on you and your family.  If you have young children(and this tip might be helpful even for the adults in your household) start putting the kids to bed 10 minutes later each night, so that the adjustment is gradual.  In the same way, if your morning routine can handle it, try to rise 10 minutes later too.  Another great way to plan ahead is to start meal planning for the following week.  Plan for simple and fast dinners, or prep during the weekend so when you hunger strikes, you can respond!  To make up for the lost hour of sleep, you might want to plan a low key Sunday afternoon, and even schedule a nap or rest time.  Finally, set a reminder alarm for Saturday, March 11 to adjust your clocks before you go to sleep.  Don’t forget car clocks and alarm clocks at they can be the biggest culprits in our on-time arrivals.  We hope with these tips you can enjoy the “spring forward” weekend.

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