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Decisions Decisions Decisions

Decisions Decisions Decisions

I love helping people. God has blessed me with the gifts, talents, and abilities to help people through the medium of real estate. For many, this is the largest purchase they will ever make and most only make this decision a few times in their life.

Helping people navigate through a real estate transaction involves making many decisions, espcially for buyers. Here’s a quick list: 

Do we buy?
Where do we buy?
How many bedrooms?
How many bathroms?
How many square feet?
Ranch, Two Story, Bi-level?
City or Country?
Size of the lot?
School District?
How long will we live in this house?
What is the neighborhood like?
Is this a good house?
And the list goes on and on.

I love helping people through the decision making process. A key is to ask the right questions. Open ended questions produce the best answers. For example:

Q: “Do you want to buy a house?”
A: “Yes”

produces little information or guidance compared to…

Q: “Why do you want to buy a house?
A: “Because we’ve out grown our apartment, and we want to own our own home”
This tells me that the buyer’s family is growing, which would lead to the next question.
Q: “Have you thought about what your needs are going to be over the next few years?”
A: “Yes, we plan on having 3 kids, and we’d like a dog”

A few well positioned questions help guide buyers through the decision making process.
Buyers are more confident with their decision when they’ve made the decision themselves. If they are pushed into the decision, they are more likely to have buyers remorse.

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