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Double Move Options

Double Move Options

Campers at RV ParkIn a recent post- The Feared “Double Move” we discussed how we stress to our clients how real estate transactions can become more enjoyable and less frustrating if they are willing to wait in between transactions and consider a double move.  Here are some options previous clients have done or we have suggested to make a ‘double move’ lesson cumbersome.

Camp Out- Clients who have motorhomes, trailers, or cottages have utilized them as options during their double move.  Long term rates at local campgrounds are often affordable options.  In Byron Center, Woodchip Campground is a great option.

Extended Stay Hotels– a pricier option, but works well for those who only need a double move home for less than a month.

Family- many of our clients have found a family member who is willing to take them in on a short term basis.

Month to Month rental– while apartment living is not always the most desirable, it can be a great option for buyers looking for more specific properties or who desire new construction which can take 4-6 months start to finish.

PODS and the like- while not a residency solver, these type of storage works very well for shorter term storage of belongings in between moves.

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