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Favorite Hats I Wear

hats-228599_1280There are many hats I wear as a Real Estate Advisor. Depending on the client or deal the hats can range from providing a critical eye to paperwork to holding a hand through the entire process almost as a spouse or loved one would. But, one of my favorite hats I wear is that of “educator”. I absolutely love educating my clients when needed to help them make the best real estate decision possible for them.

Educating sellers is a great experience for me. I have a slight geeky, math side and love playing with spreadsheets and numbers. Helping to educate sellers on home values allows me to play with different outcomes, price out comps in the area, analyze data and numbers from different aspects of the deal. The art and the science of home valuing brings out my full spreadsheet nerd. While a buyer of a home is the one who actually determines value by placing a price they are willing to pay, helping sellers come to a close estimation is a part of my job that love. It is a hat I love to wear.

If you have a home or property you would like a free home valuation on, let me know! I’d be happy to supply you with the best information possible to help you make a selling decision.

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