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Getting Ready for School, the West Michigan Way

How can the summer be ending already?

It’s starting to feel like fall breaking into the air here in Michigan, doesn’t it? The had to throw on a sweatshirt the other night when I was mowing the yard, the kids are getting a little more antsy each day they’re home and I noticed that the coffee shops are starting to advertise pumpkin lattes. So, yes! All signs are a “go” for back to school preparations.

In your back to school preparations, don’t forget about the small ways that you can help your community. I truely hope that we, as a community, can take this time to unite and one another help out. Today, we’re sharing a list of the simple ways you can give back this season. We hope you like them!

Getting Ready for School, the West Michigan Way!

Donate Gently Used Clothing

Before you buy your kids all new clothes, go through their closets and pull aside the gently used clothing items that no longer fit them. Donate these to your local donation center during the busy school shopping season.

Donate School Supplies

There are several charities in greater Grand Rapids that accept school supply donations. As you’re shopping, pick up some extra supplies, then drop them off at the donation centers on your way home.

Shop Local

Give back to your community by choosing to shop in local shops. This will help boost your community’s economy!

Ask Your School or Teacher about Silent Donations

Many teachers or classrooms in schools accept silent donations. This means, you as the parent, can donate something without your or anyone else’s child knowing. Often teachers will use these donations in their classrooms, offering coats or jackets to kids who don’t have any or by keeping extra clothes in the classroom for emergencies.

Are you giving back in unique ways this season? Please let us know if you have a charity that is in need of donations! Just add a comment below.

We hope that you enjoy the last of the summer days with your loved ones!

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