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Home Buying Tip: Repair Costs

Home Buying Tip: Repair Costs

Here is week 32 in our series of home buying tips: Repair Costs.

If you’re looking to buy a unique home, one of the most overlooked challenges of owning a unique home is its maintenance.

Is your dream house a large-scale version of the Nautilus from the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride at Disney World? Does it have portholes instead of windows? If one of those gems breaks, you can’t just run on down to Home Depot to get a replacement window. Chances are you’ll have to special order it, wait it out with a broken window, and hope someone doesn’t take that as an invitation to break into your home.

And not only will you have to wait for special-order parts for even the most minor of repairs, the cost of the custom-made pieces will more than likely be twice as expensive as a standard part. In other words, it’ll be harder to replace and more expensive in general.

As you are searching, should you fall in love with a unique home, email us a picture, and we’ll give you the same advice we would give our own families. If you are truly in love with the unique home, we’ll find a way to make your dreams come true!

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