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Home Selling Tip: Check Fences And Trim Boards

Home Selling Tip: Check Fences And Trim Boards

Here is week 38 in our series of home selling tips: Check Fences And Trim Boards.

Pay attention to the little things that go unnoticed outside of your house. Unwanted moss growing on a broken planter box is easy for you to walk past. But prospective buyers see these things and make snap judgements that aren’t even true.

Look at fences, rain gutters, window boxes, and even swings that hang from a tree.

Notice their current condition. Do they need to be painted or replaced? Don’t let the fence tell a false story of how you have maintained the property.

If you need help to remove, repair, polish, or paint in the yard, call or send us an email. We know some really handy repair people who make quick work of odd jobs.

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