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Home Selling Tip: Symmetrical Arrangements Work Well

Home Selling Tip: Symmetrical Arrangements Work Well

Here is week 43 in our series of home selling tips: Symmetrical Arrangements Work Well. 

Given the choice between order and chaos, people find order irresistible. So much so that brain researchers will tell you, if you have two couches in the room, they should either be perfectly perpendicular or perfectly parallel.

When preparing your home to sell, know the “Rule of Three.” Knick knacks (like candles, books, lamps, etc.) tend to look the best when placed in a group of three.

Either way the eye is naturally attracted to symmetry…or is naturally repelled by imbalance.

If you would like some suggestions on staging your home for subconscious visual appeal, send us a quick email or give us a call. Our team would be delighted to share our expertise.

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