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How to Buy a Home in the Perfect Market

Buying your first house is a huge decision. There are lots of elements that come into play when you are first looking at homes and starting to settle down. As a ‘realtors rule of thumb’, we also suggest that you establish roots in a community that you want to be a part of for at least the next five years. But…

  • how do you buy a home in the perfect market?
  • And how do you know what the perfect market for your family actually is?
  • It’s hard to know WHERE to buy, isn’t it?

Below we’re offering some of our best advice for first time home buyers about how to buy a home in the perfect market. We’re also including links to some of our most viewed blog posts of 2015. We hope that you’ll take the time to browse through them so that you can buy a home in the perfect market for your family.

Use Social Media to Research the Markets

Social media can be a major benefit when you’re looking around for your first home. Use Facebook to look for communities that fit your lifestyle. You can also use Facebook to find local listing agents. View their pages to see their levels of community involvement, new listings and other community events. Check out our Facebook page here.

Look for Nearby Thriving Cities

It’s important that you look for markets that are near thriving and active cities. Real estate growth near large cities normally spurs the interest of young families. That’s because living near a larger city gives you a wider range of activities to participate in, culture to submerge yourself in, and a variety of neighborhoods to live in.

We wrote this blog post about why living in West Michigan rocks.
And this blog post features tons of family oriented activities in the area.
And here is a little guide about where to get brunch in Byron Center.

Search Popular Sites for Thriving Economies

Before you buy your first home, make sure you research the economy of the city.

  • What types of jobs are popular?
  • What’s the city’s forecast for the future?
  • Are any hospitals or large industries being built or added on to?

All of these economic indicators will play a part in the market where you buy your home. Did you know that Grand Rapids was ranked as one of the best cities to buy a house on Trulia? Make sure you check out the blog post we wrote here.

Be Financially Prepared

A major part of buying a home in the perfect market is being finanically ready to purchase your first home. The more prepared you are on a personal, financial level, the happier you will be with the market where you buy your first home. Save your money until you can afford to be in the market you want. Recognize where you are financially and what markets fit your budget.

We wrote this post on the financial differences between renting and buying.

And check out this post about the expenses you might not anticipate with the purchase of your first home.

Research School Districts

Before you buy a home, make sure that you do some research on schools. Here is a link to a post we wrote about the Byron Center School District (click here). We hope that it helps you making your decision to choose Byron Center as your home!

So there you have it! Some of our best advice on how to buy a home in the perfect market. We hope that you take the opportunity to research Byron Center and please, send us any questions you might have about the Byron Center market today. We’d love to help you find your dream home.

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