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How to Have a No Pressure Move

Moving can add a lot of pressure to your life for you and your family. That’s because the process of moving means more responsibilities to balance. It’s a hard to get organized and feel like you’re still grounded when your life is in boxes. Today, we want to share some packing and organizational tips to help take some of the pressure away from your move.

If you’re struggling to prepare your house for your big move then this post is for you.

Step One: Start with your pictures and decorations

It’s a good idea to start packing all of your non-essential items first. Start by packing away all of your personal pictures, photo books, and decorations. There are non-essential items. In other words, they’re pretty and nice to have around, but they aren’t essential to you daily functioning. You don’t need them to cook or clean. So, go through your house, pull down all of your pretties and pack them carefully away.

Step Two: Deep Clean Your Kitchen

As you begin to pack your things away, it’s a good idea to go ahead and deep clean your kitchen. Pull out all of the extra kitchen tools and goodies you have in your cupboards and pack them away. As a good rule of thumb, if you don’t use it every day it’s okay to pack it away. Leave behind things you use regularly like toasters and coffee pots, of course. But larger, less used items like birthday candles and a food processor can be stored away.

As you pull out these seldom used items, take the time to deep clean these areas. Dust your shelves and make sure your kitchen is in order for the new homeowners.

Step Three: Get the Whole Family Involved

Don’t think that all of the pressure of moving has to fall on mom and dad. Get your kids involved in moving. For more ideas on ways to get your kids involved in the moving process, make sure that you check out our blog post last week.

Step Four: Focus on One Room at Time

It’s important that you don’t try to pack your entire house at one time. Instead, focus on one room at a time. And most importantly, start in the rooms that you use the least (like a guest bathroom) and work your way to the most used rooms (like children’s bedrooms and the kitchen). Plus, packing all of the rooms at one time will lead to an unorganized unpacking in your new home. Just so, be sure that you separate your boxes according to the room’s the items belong in.

Step Five: Create a 24-Hour Box

As you near the end of your packing, be sure that you create a 24-hour box. This is a box of essential items that you will need within the first 24 hours you will be in your new home. Confused about what these items like? Be sure that you check out this list here.

Moving doesn’t have a completely stressful event. We want to help you make this process as smooth as it can possibly be. For more information about how to organize your move, be sure that you check out the links in above.

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