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How to Master a Home Showing with KIDS!

HOme showing
Showing your home and raising a family in that same house aren’t exactly an easy combination. We get it, we’ve been there! But just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t still have a successful home showing. And just because you’re having a home showing doesn’t mean that your kids can’t still play and have fun in their own space.

Use the simple steps below to master your home showing with kids.

Have an Honest Conversation with Your Kids

Selling your home can be a stressful process… for everyone. Remember that your kids are also having to undergo a major transition in their life. And transitions for little one’s aren’t necessarily easy. They don’t always understand what’s happening and what’s going to happen next.

So, when you’re preparing to sell your home, make sure that you have an honest conversation with your kids. Tell them exactly what you are trying to do, what you wish to accomplish and what the outcome will mean for them. Then, make sure that you tell them what you need and expect from them. Having this somewhat difficult conversation will help your children better understand what is happening and in turn, what they have to do to help out.

Get Your House Ready for the Market as a Family

When you are preparing your house for market, it’s important that you declutter and clean your space in order to create the optimal buyer experience. (Not sure how to do that, be sure that you check out this article we wrote last year.)

When you have children, you should do this process as a family. If you just start going through your home and removing all personal objects, this can create a great deal of anxiety for children. Instead, ask your children to play an active room in preparing your home for the market.

Get a box for your children’s art work and other special creations. Explain to your children that you will get these precious things back out once you move into their new home. You might even encourage your kids to go through the home and place their things in this box on their own. Keeping your children involved will make them feel like you aren’t just uprooting them.

Clean as a Family

When you are preparing your house for a home showing, Mom and Dad shouldn’t be the only people who do the cleaning. Create a simple chore list for children with responsibilities that each child is capable of completing. Set your expectations early so that preparing for home showings becomes a family affair.

Get a Storage Unit

When you have kids, you seem to have a lot of stuff…. which is fine… but when you’re preparing to show your home, you want to create a feeling an open, welcoming environment.

It might be a good idea to rent a temporary storage unit. Removing excess things like bicycles, trampolines, and other large kids activity toys will give your home more space. Explain to your kids that you are just going to store these items while you have home showings, then once you find a new home all of their toys will be returned.

Make Home Showing a Special Time for Family

Celebrate each home showing by doing something special as a family. Doing something together as a family will make home showings feel less like torture and more like a special occasion, and because of that special feeling your children will look forward to home showings, not dread them.

Home showings typically require that you leave your home for an hour. See our list below on how to keep your family occupied during each showing.

Inexpensive ideas for family activities during home showings

  • Going to the park
  • Going to the beach
  • Going sledding
  • Going for a hike
  • Visiting the library
  • Going to the movies
  • Have dinner with friends
  • Visit your grandparents
  • Do some volunteer work

If you’re trying to sell your home this season and need help, make sure that you reach out to us today. We’ve helped hundreds of families through this transition period and we know how challenging it can be. We want to help you get your home ready and then move into your new one with as little stress as possible.

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