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Lessons From A 2-Year-Old

Children ask ‘why’ A LOT. If you’re anything like me, you end up either coming up with a very creative reason why you are doing something, or you end up diving into deeper contemplation about why you are actually doing it. Why are you taking a shower? Why are we going to the store? Why are you going to work? Why are we going to church? Why are we eating dinner? Why do I need to eat my vegetables? It’s not until later in life do kids start to ask “How?”  How do I ride a bike? How do I cook? How do I…. It occurs to me that this order is important: the why before the how. This may not be a new thought, but I believe it’s a critical one. Knowing why you are doing something helps you better understand how to do it, and hopefully to do it well.  Take some time today to ponder the why behind the things you do.

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