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Not For Sale By Owner

When you sell a vehicle or home, you often need to determine if you will sell by yourself or use a third party (dealer or real estate agent).  In terms of selling a vehicle, if you decide to sell to a dealer you net yourself a lower amount of money at the close of the deal.  Effectively you’re paying a percentage to someone else to let them sell it for you.  If you sell by owner, you are responsible for all the advertising, calls, and showings.  Then you will navigate the transaction and negotiations.  If you sell to a dealer, you are getting less for your vehicle (which we can look at as paying a percentage), and they get all the risk, all the burden, all the hassle.  There’s also a distancing from the buyer, which those who are not comfortable negotiating directly, find appealing.  So, if it’s a $10,000 car and you sell it to the dealership for $9,500, you are giving 5{16e476496f5f3a73cb19f20a476d08f8bca71b0bf9338242f1d2bf6ed337f382} to the dealer, which is a substantial amount in comparison to the price of the car.  There are pros and cons to this.  If you do this often, you might consider yourself an expert and selling a car or house is no trouble for you at all.  However, the average person sells a home once every 5 to 10 years, many even less frequently, and therefore are less likely to consider themselves an expert.  Therefore, we turn to the experts for assistance.  The details of the entire process and sale are handled with care and experience so that you may enjoy the benefits with lessened labor, which is probably why 89{16e476496f5f3a73cb19f20a476d08f8bca71b0bf9338242f1d2bf6ed337f382} of sellers use a real estate agent.

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