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One Life Changing Event at A Time Please!

One Life Changing Event at A Time Please!

I’m glad life changing events don’t happen often. Sometimes they are not pleasant, the death of a loved one,¬†homes lost to fire or flood, or major illness. Sometimes they are joyful; graduation, wedding, birth of a child, buying your first home. Sometimes they happen at the same time. And sometimes it’s OK when they happen at the same time. Often, however, having two major life changing events happen at the same time is very difficult. So why in the world would we choose to have two events happen at the same time?

For Example.
If you’ve just lost a loved one, is now really the best time to make a large decision like buying a home? Our minds can only process so many things at the same time: should we force ourselves to mourn a loved one, and go through the home buying process at the same time? If you are busy planning a wedding, is now a good time to start house shopping(especially if your a first time home buyer)? Or, how many of us have graduated college, gotten married and found ¬†place to live all at the same time!

Every situation is different, and every person is different. We all have different tolerances for change and decision making.
I believe that God only gives us what we can handle(through His strength), and that he places people in our lives to help us through situations we couldn’t handle on our own. Know that God is with you through everything, and sometimes he’s put the person sitting next to you there for a reason.
If you are that person sitting next to someone going through a life changing event, be patient with them. Even if your commission depends on it, be patient.

When we can help it, it’s best to separate these events by inserting as much time as possible in between them. We can’t always control these things, but when we can, the old adage rings true, “take it one day at a time”. Try making a short term decision. Sure, it may cost you a little bit more money, but it may also allow you time to process the latest life happening.


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