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“Sign Right Here” and Other Things You’ll Hear Your Realtor Say

When you’re going through the home buying process, you’ll hear your realtor say lots of things… and sometimes you’ll hear them say the same things again and again. Some of the things they’ll say will make total sense. And other things might be a little harder to initially understand. Today, we want to explain some of the most frequent things you’ll hear your realtor say throughout the home buying process.

“Sign Right Here”

Once you enter into the homebuying process, you’ll have to sign lots of paperwork. Lots of paperwork. Before you sign anything, it’s important that you know what exactly you’re signing. Some common paperwork you’ll have to sign will include:

Loan application

You will need to apply for a loan application. This includes your basic information, financial information and your acknowledgement of responsibility and accuracy of information.

Truth of Lending

This federal document says that you believe the information in your mortgage or deed is accurate and truthful. This statement will include your annual interest rate, amount being financed and lifetime expense of the loan.


A mortgage is your agreement that your property will act collateral for your loan. In other words, you don’t actually “own” your property completely until you have entirely paid off your loan.


Before you buy your home, you’ll need to have an appraisal completed on your home. The appraisal will show you the current value of your home. You’ll have to sign the paperwork give to your by the appraiser stating that you were present and that you understand the assessment.

Monthly Payment Letter

This statement will break down the monthly costs of your mortgage and interest payments.

“Once the home is in your name”

Wait, how does the house get into my name? The home you are purchasing will officially be in your name on closing day. At the day of closing, you will sign a document called the, “Warranty Deed” or “Title”. Once you sign this document, the original name on the deed of the home (the previous owners) will be transferred into your name (as the new owners of the home).

“Let me ask the listing agent”

Most of the time, your real estate agent showing you the home isn’t the real estate agent who is responsible for selling the home. The “listing agent” is the real estate agent who is selling the property. The listing agent will have all of the information about the house and will often act as a liaison of that information during the process. If there is information that you want to know about your house, your real estate agent may reach out to the listing agent to learn the answers.

“Make sure you bring that to closing day”

What in the world is closing day? Closing day is the day on which you will sign all of the mortgage and homeowner paperwork pertaining to your new house. On this day, you will be responsible for bringing the necessary paperwork and money as required by your state. After the papers have been signed on closing day you will either gain the keys to your new home or learn the date in which you will receive your keys.

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