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Simple Tips for Baby Proofing Your New Home

A lot of the families that we sell to in the Byron Center area are buying a new home because they need more space for their growing family. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved, kids and parents. But, if you’re moving into a home with a new baby, there are some extra steps you should take as you nest in order to keep your family safe.

Below we are sharing some easy things you can do to baby proof your new house. We hope they help you as you prepare your new home for your family.

#1 Double check your windows + doors

It’s important that you assess the safety of your windows and doors in your new home.

  • If windows open easily it may be necessary for you to install a safety locking feature.
  • Windows that don’t automatically lock in the up position could easily slam on and injure a child’s fingers. If the windows in your home are older and don’t stay up by themselves, you will need to figure out which safety devices you can install.
  • Can your child open your front door and wander outside unattended? Make sure that you install locks on your home to keep your children indoors and safe.
  • Keep your kids inside and safe by taking the extra steps necessary to add locks on your windows and doors.

    #2 Unpack your baby gates first

    When you pack your things away, make sure that you are mindful of where your baby gates are. Put them in an accessible place so that when you first get to your house you can put them up. This way your little one won’t be escaping up the stairwell while you’re trying to unpack your kitchen.

    #3 Secure heavy furniture to the way

    Before you start putting all of your books and decorations onto your bookshelves, it is a good idea to actually attach them to the wall. You can actually buy these easy to install furniture wall straps to attach to dressers, bookshelves, and other heavy furniture pieces in order to ensure they won’t topple on your little one later.

    #4 Put things away on your knees first

    Unpack your home from the bottom up. Seriously, get down on your knees and put things away. If an item is put away at your knee height, it means that your baby could potentially get ahold of it. So, be cautious about what you are putting away at this level. The higher you go, the less items you have to worry about your child getting.

    #5 Install cupboard locks before you unpack

    It might be tempting to just start unloading and unpacking in your kitchen right away. But we warn you against this. Before you start unpacking take the opportunity to install locks on your cupboard doors. This way, your baby can’t take out all of the Tupperware that you just so meticulously unloaded in your drawers.

    If you’re a growing family, looking for a home in the Byron Center area, please be sure to send us an email. We would love to help you find the home of your family’s dream!

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