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The American Dream: Optimism Is In Our DNA

Optimism is in our DNA as Americans.

Here are some reasons from history why we on the Spica Real Estate team believe this: 

  • In 1814, after watching the British bombard Fort McHenry all night, a young lawyer wrote a poem in his diary, noting that the light from the enemy’s bombs constantly bursting in the air gave proof…that our flag was still there. He believed in the future more than he believed in the status quo.
  • In 1849, Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery. More remarkable than the fact she got out is that she went back….nearly 20 times. She believed in the future more than she believed in the status quo.
  • In 1903, two uneducated Americans, neither with a college degree, built the first airplane.  As a country, we believe in the future, even when everyone else says it’s impossible!
  • Just 66 years later, we landed on the moon.

The American dream is about more than just owning a house… learn more in the video below:

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