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The Art of a Thank You Note

With the progress of technology, many methods of communication are becoming obsolete.  But don’t be so quick to place Thank You Notes in this category!  Many people avoid writing thank you notes for a number of reasons.  Whether you don’t know what to say, think it’ll take too much time, or think it’s been too long, let me encourage you to follow this simple formula to compose a short, soon to be appreciated note.  Begin with the recipient’s name.  The first sentence should state a Thank you and what you are thankful for.  Add an additional sentence or two about the item/act.  Then close with your name.

Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading this blog post!  It is wonderful to know that someone may benefit from our efforts!


Spica Real Estate

Wasn’t that nice to read? So pick up a pen and paper and write a note!  You never know who’s day you’ll brighten!

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