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The Biggest Home-Selling Myths You Need to Avoid!

There is always a lot of discussion about what improvements to make and which ones to avoid before listing your house. In this post we hope to dispel some of these myths in order to help you maximize your budget.

So are you ready? Let’s get started!

Myth #1: Pools are a Good Investment

While, yes, pools can provide a lot of luxury and pleasure to your home, the reality is: not everyone wants the responsibility of a pool. Pools are tend to be an expensive transaction for homeowners. They also require a lot of time and energy to maintain. Therefore, adding a pool to your property will not necessarily add value to your home or even account for a return on your investment. Before you add a pool to your house, think twice. Is this really a choice that will give you the financial return you want?

Myth #2: You Should Put on a New Roof

You may have heard that putting on a new roof will increase the resale value of your home. However, this isn’t always the case. New roofs cost a lot of money. Remember that legally, the only responsibility you have as a seller is to ensure that the roof has no current leaks. A better use of your money would be to patch small areas of your roof here and there rather than replace the entire thing.

Myth #3: You Should Add an Extra Room to Your House

Having an extra room might be a nice addition for you, but don’t feel like you have to do it just for your potential buyers. It is, after all, completely impossible to anticipate your buyers’ preferences. If you are considering moving out of your home do not begin an expensive remodeling project. Instead focus on touching up your paint, and leave the big remodeling decisions to the next homeowners.

Myth #4: You Need to Improve Your Closet Space

Okay, it’s true that everyone loves a great closet. But the reality is, people don’t factor in well-organized closet spaces to the price of the home they wish to purchase. Therefore, do not waste time and energy on closet renovations just to impress future buyers. Spend your money in other areas that will guarantee you a bigger bang for your buck!

So there you have it! The truth behind the biggest home-repair myths!

We hope that by explaining these myths you have a better understanding of how to assess changes for potential buyers. And, before making any major changes to your home, please feel free to reach out to your listing agent. We’re always here to help!

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