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The Feared “Double Move”

The Feared “Double Move”

Double Move PanicThe real estate market has created a new catchphrase we often quote at Spica Real Estate when a house has sold quickly or unexpectedly, “That’s a great problem to have.”  It is always ‘good’ when a house sells.  It is exciting to have the opportunity to move on to the next phase of life.  It can also create a laundry list of ‘problems’.  If inventory is low, there is the problem of finding the next home.  Buyers may want to occupy the house quicker than what is comfortable.  Whatever the ‘problem’, it can bring about feelings of urgency, panic, and frustration.

With many of our clients we often have the conversation about the dreaded “double move.”  Most clients loathe the idea of packing up belongs on a temporary basis, finding a short term living situation, and all of the annoyances that come with it.  However, with the fast paced real estate market and low inventory we are currently seeing, the “Double Move” is becoming a strongly suggested reality.  Here are a few reasons we highly suggest to most of our clients to consider the double move.

1)  It puts the clients in a no rush, no panic situation.

2)  There is less likelihood of ‘settling’ on the next home purchase

3)  Better negotiating position on the next purchase

4)  Timing is almost never ‘perfect’ so it alleviates frustrations

5)  New construction can be a more likely option

Double moves aren’t always fun, but they can be practical.  We never want our client to feel pressured to make a rush decision on such a large purchase.  Real estate transactions have many moving parts with many controlling hands.  Double Moves ensure that the best possible decision can be made without emotions becoming the primary factor.

In the next post, we will highlight some of the common “double move” options our clients have pursued or we have suggested.

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