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Tips for Showing Your House

Spend a Little Get a Lot

These tips help make your house the star of the showing!

  • To clean brass plates and doorknobs, apply a thin coat of window cleaner with a soft cloth, let dry and rub lightly to polish. This will keep brass tarnish-free for months.
  • To clean bricks, squeeze a bit of denture cream onto a wet toothbrush and scrub the grout. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Nail polish remover is an inexpensive cleaner for chrome decorations and knobs on stoves, ovens and appliances. Apply with a cloth and rinse well with water.
  • To clean a fireplace screen, vacuum off the dust, and scrub the screen with a sponge and sudsy water. When dry, brush the screen with a coat of self-polishing floor wax.
  • To rid your oven of odor after cleaning, place orange peelings on a rack inside the oven. Turn the oven to 350 degrees and let the citrus smell fill the room.
  • Use degreaser and a razor blade to make basement windows crystal clear.
  • Remember to put away valuables while showing your home.  Expensive jewelry belongs in a safe deposit box.
  • Have long-stemmed artificial flowers to pack? Ask your local florist for a couple of boxes wholesalers use to deliver fresh flowers to florists.

How to Avoid the Most Expensive Mistakes Smart People Make When They Sell A Home . . . 

Refusing to make cosmetic changes.

The prospective home buyer’s first impression is the most important.  Hundreds or thousands of home sales have been lost to unkempt lawns, cluttered rooms, bad stains, unpleasant odors . . . all the seemingly little things.  Imagine you were the home buyer and clean your place from top to bottom . . . just like you’d like to find it.


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