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25 Tricks for Staging Your Home on a Budget

Part of selling your home is having home showings for potential buyers. The goal of these showings is to prove to home buyers just how great your home is in comparison to other like-homes on the market. House showings are your big opportunity to really wow buyers! Remember, you want to create the ultimate buying experience. To do that, try these staging hacks for your home.

25 Hacks for Staging Your Home on a Budget

1. Get rid of family photos and personal memorabilia
2. Tone down your themed rooms with neutral accents
3. Make your closets look larger by emptying half the contents out.
4. Have your carpet professionally cleaned.
5. Leave packets about your community, like school brochures and city catalogues.

6. Empty each room by about 30{16e476496f5f3a73cb19f20a476d08f8bca71b0bf9338242f1d2bf6ed337f382}.

The fewer things you have in your spaces, the more open and welcoming it will feel to potential buyers.

7. Get rid of bold and dramatic paint colors.
8. Hide all of your utility items like keys, coats, garage door openers, etc.
9. Clean all windows, bay windows, and slider doors. Dirty glass is easy to see and leaves a negative impression with home buyers.
10. Put all of your toilet seats down.

11. Leave on all of your lights.

No one wants to buy a dingy, dark home.

12. Only have three items on your kitchen counters.
13. Bring in fresh flowers and place them throughout your home.
14. Close all closet doors.

15. Set your dining room tables.

This helps buyers feel at home and recognize the potential of the space.

15. Hang a new, colorful shower curtain in your bathroom.
16. Clean your kitchen sink and put away all dishes.
17. Empty all your trashes.

18. Hide all of your pet beds and toys.

For a lot of home buyers, pets are a major turnoff.

19. Wipe down all light fixtures and light switches.
20. Clean walls in high traffic hallways.
21. Polish your wood floors.
22. Clean out your garage and remove cars for showings.

23. Add a mirror in the foyer to make the space look larger.

23. Clear off your refrigerator.
24. Hide all of your children’s school back packs, shoes, and coats.
25. Hang light-colored curtains in your main living spaces.

If you’re trying to sell your house and are looking for more tips, send us an email today. We’d love to help you get your house on the market and find potential home buyers for you!

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