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Why Should I Use a Small Brokerage Company?

SpicaForSaleWhy Should I Use a Small Brokerage Company?

Bigger is no longer better. In today’s technological world, the clout and strength of a large brokerage company is diminished because the tools and resources that they have are available to everybody. The press ads that they used to be able to buy aren’t nearly as powerful or necessary. The tools that large companies once had are available free or very low cost. So they bring much less power to a real estate listing. The playing field is also leveled because one of the main objectives is to get the property on the MLS and as many websites as quickly as possible. Anyone can accomplish that and represent the property well, using pictures and media.

One of the advantages that larger brokerages tout is that they have lots of buyers. Yes, they do, but this is primarily true because they have lots of agents. So those agents are out with buyers looking at everything on the market, not just their own brokerage market. They will look at anything and everything, like any other agent will do. Ultimately, as a buyer or seller, you are working with the agent, whether it’s a large or small brokerage company. It is more important to look at the agent you are working with, rather than the name and logo that is on their sign.

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