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Winterizing Your Home Checklist

I hate to even talk about it, but folks, winter is coming. Insert crying here.

When you live in Michigan, it seems that winter is always back before you know it. Just like those pesky squirrels, preparing for the long months ahead, we, too, should begin getting ourselves and our homes winterized.

Unfortunately a lot of us don’t always winterize our houses properly; which means that come spring, we’ve got trouble on our hands. Take the extra steps this fall to really get your house ready.

Not sure how to prepare your house for the winter? Go ahead and use this checklist below to ensure that you don’t miss anything.
Winterize Your Home

  • Remove dead or hanging tree branches that could cause damage
  • Get rid of excess leaves in your yard
  • Stock up on salt and get your shovel out of the garage
  • Cover your air conditioning unit properly
  • Put on any storm windows you might have
  • Seal leaks on your roof and windows
  • Caulk any holes on the exterior of your home
  • Add extra insulation if needed (this will help your energy bill)
  • Call a chimney sweep to clean your chimney
  • Check your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector
  • Cover any drafts coming from under doors in your home
  • Change your furnace filters
  • Set your ceiling fans to run in reverse
  • Take out window AC units
  • Put up plastic window insulation over windows

If you have any more questions about winterizing your home this winter and want an expert’s input, be sure to send us an email today.

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