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Would Anyone Buy Your House?

When you’re selling your home, it’s important to think about what home buyers in your market actually want. As homeowners, we spend years trying to make our houses look and feel like “home”. But, when it’s time to sell your house, you have to change your mindset and make your house into a buyer’s dream.

Sometimes, however, it’s hard to imagine what buyers really want in a house. That’s why today, we put together a list of questions you should ask yourself when preparing your home for the market.

If you have any specific questions about selling your home, make sure that you send us an email today so that we can personally advise you on what to do. But first, take some time to browse the information below to figure out if your home is actually ready to be put on the market.

Preparing Your Home for the Market

Do you know what’s on your buyer’s wish list?

Figure out what’s high on your buyer’s list of wants, then market your house accordingly. You can figure out what’s on your buyer’s wish list by looking at comparable homes in the area or asking a trusted realtor. Then, when you’re taking pictures and writing descriptions for your home, be sure to highlight these items.

Are your house’s BIG ticket items up to date?

Before you list your house, ask a realtor about what’s trending in the market. Try to prepare your house to match as many of the market’s demands as you possibly can. Big things like bathrooms and kitchens are always on the top of buyer’s wish lists. Think about updating your countertops, flooring and backsplashes to make big changes to your house that will impress your buyers.

Are you the nice house on the block?

Okay, okay, you can’t always control what neighborhood you’re in… but you can control the way your house fits in the neighborhood. By this we mean, when people drive through your neighborhood, does your house stick and “wow” them? This is important. You don’t necessarily want your house to just blend into the other houses around it. Easy ways to give your house that WOW effect are:

  • Hanging pots and planters on your porch
  • A freshly painted front door
  • A well-mowed yard and trimmed plants

Are your walls over-bearing?

Before you sell your house, go through and get rid of any bold colors on your walls. Neutral wall colors make space look larger and feel cleaner— buyers love that. So, if you have any dark rooms, take the time to paint them a shade of white to liven up the area. It’s an extra step that will go a long way.

Do you have enough storage space?

Storage space is a huge selling point for most buyers. Buyers like to look for extra storage space in garages and finished basements. Go ahead and get rid of all the excess stuff in your house by storing them in a storage unit. Things like bicycles, extra tires and snow blowers take up a lot of space in your garage. For a low price, you can store all of these things in storage space and make your garage feel a whole lot bigger.

For more information about what you should do when listing your home, feel free to post a comment below. We want to be able to help you sell your place in record time!

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