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Your Home Value Is Up!

Your home value is up!  Now what?  Already thoughts are swirling . . . “Should I sell?”  “Think of what I could buy!”  “Let’s get it on the market, NOW!”  It’s so exciting to find out that you may have significant equity in your home.  In fact, for some of us, it’s almost intoxicating.  We start seeing dollar signs, bigger homes, and all the perks of increased home value!  However, before you jump too fast, take some time and talk to a professional, like one of us at Spica Real Estate.  We want to find out the why before the how.  It’s important to keep your goals in view and on track.  We’d love to sit down, talk about the market value, what exists on the market that meets your criteria and price range, and the best plan of action. So if you’re excited about your increased home value and want to discuss the next steps, give us a call!

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