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The Parade has marched by . . . but

The Spring 2017 Parade of Homes is over, but we want to share the pictures and tour of our entry home!  7351 Tularosa Drive SW in Byron Center, MI.  Click here to see a 3D video of the property.

“Before the Parade Passes By”

You may have heard of the Parade of Homes hosted by the Home Builder’s Association of Greater Grand Rapids.  I assure you it is not an “Alice In Wonderland” type of event in which actual homes march down a street to be admired by onlookers.  It’s much more interactive as...

God As My Caddy?

God as my caddy?  The preacher couldn't possibly be relating the infinite, omnipotent, and omniscient God of the Universe to the 16 year old boys looking to make a few bucks in the summer by carrying bags around a well manicured course?  As a golfer myself, I was intrigued and...

Weeds Happen. What are you doing to prevent them?

A great sermon about making commitments that matter was present at our church last year  (1/15/12 "The Neglected Field" at Ada Bible Church). One of the points the pastor (Jeff Manion) made was relationships do not stay healthy on their own, in fact it takes no effort at all for the...

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